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We work hard together and take pride in ensuring that all our products are of the finest quality and standards.

Note: Not all products listed in these DNP catalogs/brochures are available in Indonesia. Some models may be available only for Japan, Europe and USA markets.

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Brochures & Catalogs

DNP General product reference guide click here

Automotive Solutions product reference click here

Heavy Industry Solutions product reference click here

Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions product reference click here

SVHC 20th Edition (Jan 2019) declaration by DNP click here

Short Videos

To learn more about about the glorious history of DNP (since 1876!), view this short video - click here

To learn how DNP crafts the finest TTR in the world, view this short video - click here.

To learn more about the various grades of thermal transfer ribbons, view this short video - click here.

To know what goes into TR4085Plus that makes it the best Premium Wax ribbon in the world - click here.

To learn more about thermal transfer ribbons' product specifications, view this short video - click here.

To learn more about AIDC, DPI or NearEdge vs FlatHead printing, view this short video - click here.

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